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Best Vintage Lamps

Ask Filaments owner Randy Howard about the oddest object he ever illuminated, and he’ll tell you about the man who wanted a piece of old dental machinery turned into a lamp. “Was it my personal taste?” asks Howard. “No. Was he happy? Yes.” Howard can make a lamp out of almost anything (a jardinier or a piece of glass are more common requests), but his main business is the restoration of vintage pieces from the turn of the last century up through the sixties. He also creates new lamps, usually inspired by mid-century-modern designs. If you don’t have any medical equipment lying around, choose from the rotating selection of one-of-a-kind lamps—around 300 on any given day—Howard keeps glowing in his shop. Click here to view the site!

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Nesting? Fixing? Both? Showcased in New York Mag's Best of New York last year, Filaments specializes in restoring vintage lighting from the last century into the middle of this one.

The take away: if you have a beautiful old lamp that is in terrible shape, Randy Howard (the owner) can bring it back to life.

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Keep the Light On

No job is too daunting for these lamp doctors.

At Filaments of New York, a lighting shop that specializes in Art Deco and vintage lamps, owner Randy Howard is particularly adept at addressing structural problems: reattaching a broken post, swapping out a section of damaged stained glass, or replacing a missing part with one culled from the vast inventory of bits and bobs he’s accumulated over 35 years in the lighting business. Repairs start at around $55 for a straightforward job and cost upwards of $250 for a full overhaul. Click here to view the site!

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Time Out says

Randy Howard stocks an eclectic selection of one-of-a-kind European and American fixtures; his well-focused eye for design means you’ll find everything from Victorian and Regency-period to midcentury and contemporary, from 1960s style-maker Joe Colombo to Lightolier. Table lamps start at $95 and floor lamps at $165. Click here to view the site!

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Top Vintage Stores in New York

Wide range of products, from mid century modern lighting (60’s) to antique fixtures, Filaments offers unique designs and outstanding craftsmanship. The store also works in restoration and repair, to ensure the original beauty of the pieces.

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